Pyjamarana from Next and Sainsburys

It’s that time of year when I think 6pm is perfectly acceptable to cosy up in my pjs…preferably with a glass of prosecco in hand unless pesky football training and after school clubs always get in the way!

Here’s my top picks of value pjs from Next and Sainsbury’s.  Snuggle up and enjoy your weekend!



Next doing nautical well and I can confirm, they are lovely PJs.  £14 from Next 

Buy Now



For those who don’t like the feeling of pj trousers in bed.  This set is just £12 from Next.

Buy Now

132440358_Oatmeal_01 (1)

Lovely and very reasonably priced at £18 from Tu at Sainsburys

Buy Now

132447277_Oatmeal_01 (1)

A wee bit more glam but still very affordable at £16 from Tu at Sainsburys

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This week’s finds….a little late (w/c 18.12.17)

Oh my the mad panic of it all!  Fighting over the last set of fairy lights in Homebargains is not a good look.  As I continue to Chrismasfy the house, here’s some last minute gorgeous bargains.

Christmas decorations Primark

Ivy leaves from garden, artificial flowers from Wedding Mall, Buy Now, Morrocan tea glasses from ebay uk Buy Now.    The rest I have gathered up over the years.

Classic and traditional Chrismas baubles from Homebargains and at £1.49 each, difficult to resist.

Christmas decorations and fairy lights Morrisons

Christmas baubles ranging in price from £3 for three although some are on sale now in Morrisons, eg the ones with the feathers are now down to £1.50 for three Buy Now.  Fairy lights from  Lights4fun Buy Now

This week’s finds (week ending 8.12.17)

I love Christmas but my bank balance not so much.  I’m always on the look out of how to make a bit of a splash without much cash so here’s my cheap but chic Christmas decorating ideas.


Morrisons flowers and Sainsbury's candle

This arrangement cost £15 to make.  Lots of leaves and berries from my own garden.

Oasis wreath from Amazon. £12.70 for a pack of two.  Buy Now

Cream flowers from Morrisons £5

Large pillar candle (currently on sale in Sainsbury’s) £2.62.  Buy Now


Heart from Homebase

A deconstructed Christmas wreath for £4.50

My garden is overgrown with ivy and conifer trees so I gathered some up, used a bit of florist twine, added a lovely wooden heart from Homebargains (£2.50) and the lights were also from Homebargains £1.99.


FullSizeRender (28)

Again used ivy and ferns from my garden.  Sainsubury’s large and medium pillar candles are on sale this week.  Complete arrangement cost £13.42.

Sainsbury’s large pillar candle Buy Now

Sainsbury’s medium pillar candle Buy Now


Wowsers Wallis!

I am strictly a jeans and top kind of girl (ok woman now that I am on the wrong side of 50) and having by-passed Wallis for years, I found myself strangely drawn to having a look when I was in the shops recently (in my mind, I am still 27 but that mirror in my bedroom is telling me a different story).  Now I have got to the point where I want glam but with some room for manoeuvre (adios dresses I can’t breathe in and hello ones which allow me to eat all the Christmas pudding without bursting the zip).  Here’s my finds this week for some Wallis Christmas Wonder to wear with my magic pants and magic (thick opaque) tights – whoever invented these should get a Queen’s honor…

dresses Wallis
Wallis Double Flute Sleeve Shift Dress Green

£36 Buy Now

Wallis dresses
Wallis black crochet insert sleeve shift dress

£40 Buy Now

navy dresses
Wallis navy eyelet detail flare sleeve shift dress

£38 Buy Now

sequin jackets
Wallis black sequin blazer

£90 Buy Now

black ladies tops
Wallis black lace up top

£33 Buy Now

‘Tis the season to throw fairy lights on everything…

First flurries of snow here in Scotland, time to hunker down and throw fairy lights on everything for that touch of Christmas magic.  Here are some Supermarket Mum Christmas home decorating suggestions which don’t cost a fortune but create a big warm glow all round.


Shell heart from ebay uk and indoor fairy lights from Homebargains

Shell heart from ebay uk £18.99 Buy Now

Battery operated fairy lights (in store) £1.49 from Homebargains


Morrisons bay tree and Amazon UK outdoor battery operated fairy lights

Bay Trees £10 in store now at Morrisons.

Outdoor battery operated fairy lights from Amazon.  NB these are the best outdoor battery operated lights I have ever bought – they have weathered every storm so far.  Two packs currently on sale for £9.99 Buy Now


Christmas baubles from Morrisons


Morrisons are doing a fab range of baubles and at only £3 for three, hard to resist although I reckon I have a better supply of decorations than Mr Claus himself…and they are shatterproof, believe me…

Morrisons gold sequin filled baubles Buy Now

Morrisons gold honeycomb paper baubles Buy Now

Morrisons gold feather baubles Buy Now

Bootiful Supermarket Boots – This Week’s Finds (week ending 17.11.17)

I never fail to be amazed at what I can pick up in Asda when I’m out for some boneless chicken thighs…..this is my top pick of bootiful boots from Asda this week.  Quality is fabulous and they almost make me love winter….




Asda Riding Boots

Asda Riding Boots in Tan or Black £45 Buy Now


Asda ankle boots supermarket mum

Asda Leather Chelsea boots £25 Buy Now


Asda boots supermarket mum

Asda Panel zip side boots – a wee bit Chanely/Gucci/Hobbs kind of vibe to them £25 Buy Now


Asda biker boots supermarket mum

Asda Biker Boots £25 Buy Now


Asda boots supermarket mum (2)

Asda Over Knee Boots £25 Buy Now


This week’s finds (week ending 10.9.17)

It’s all a big of a mixed bag this week.  The rule I live by is that it is only a bargain if you actually use it (my poor mum, bless her soul, had 12 lawnmowers before she passed away….she just couldn’t resist if she saw something on offer).  I’ve inherited her eye for a bargain but I try and restrain myself from buying any more than I actually need.  In saying that, a wise friend said if you find something timeless and which you absolutely love, then buy two or three or four….I wish I had done that with a pair of gloves I bought years ago.  They were cheap but the warmest gloves ever and after holding on to them for five years, I recently lost one which brought a tear to my eye.  So on that note, let’s talk keeping your mittens warm this winter.



I bought these lovely faux suede gloves from Tesco and wore them for the first time on Bonfire night.  They are thinsulated (don’t think that’s a word but I know it signals oodles of warmth).  At only £12, I am hoping these will last me for another five years but maybe I should take my own advice as above….

Buy Now

Tesco gloves supermarket mum
Tesco gloves


Now I lust after that very well know brand of fleezy suede slippers which cost more than a week’s shopping for a family of four so until I can justify plus £70 to keep my tootsies warm, these £4.99 slippers from Homebargains will do the trick.  They are also machine washable.

Homebargains slippers supermarketmum
Homebargains Slippers


I know not everyone is a fan of Panettone or Pandoro  but I love it with some fruit and cream.  The packaging is also really pretty this year.  The Panettone is £2.25 and the Pandoro is £3.29.  In store now.

Panetonne Pandora Aldi
Aldi Panetonne and Aldi Pandoro


I sometimes amaze myself about what I get excited about and hope I’m not boring you.  I picked up this pack of 12 morning rolls from Aldi this week and served them with soup to the boys.  They didn’t touch the sides and I was just a tad annoyed (read raging), when I reached to get one myself and they were gone (if you have teenagers, you will sympathise).  Delicious warm with butter.  £0.99 pence for 12 rolls.

Morning rolls Aldi
Aldi morning rolls

This Week’s finds (week ending 3.11.17)


FullSizeRender (2)

Nothing like new bedding and loving this from Morrisons.  I already had the green/beige cushions.  The waffle bedding, square cushion and the heart cushion are all in store or online now.

White waffle double duvet set £17 – Buy now

White waffle cushion £10 – Buy Now

Heart embroidered cushion £8 – Can’t see it online but I got two this week in store.

Matalan tea light holder


I loved this tealight holder from Matalan until it fell down!  Will need to go and buy another one.  I got it in store this week £10.


These hot water bottle covers from Homebargains are really soft and furry and would make an ideal present/stocking filler.  Range in price from £3.99 – £5.99.

FullSizeRender (3)

Glass fish bowl from B & M £2.99.  Flowers from Aldi £4.18 for two bunches

A crate full of candles

I picked up this heart shaped crate from Homebargains £2.99 and the candles were £2.49 for a pack of two from B & M so this lovely new addition to my home cost in total £10.46.  I actually bought a few of the crates and use them for storing napkins, spices and small jars of cupboard essentials.

Homebargains crate and B & M candles


Say Cheese

Say CHEESE – Yes PleaseAldi cheeseAll from Aldi UK. Cheddar, Brie and Roquefort from £1.99 each, Aldi UK fruit and nut mix 56p and drizzle with some basic essentials honey (89p) from Aldi. Mouth wateringly wonderful. Wash it all down with prosecco, red wine, white wine or whatever takes your fancy! Board is my own. #Aldi