This week’s finds (week ending 10.9.17)

It’s all a big of a mixed bag this week.  The rule I live by is that it is only a bargain if you actually use it (my poor mum, bless her soul, had 12 lawnmowers before she passed away….she just couldn’t resist if she saw something on offer).  I’ve inherited her eye for a bargain but I try and restrain myself from buying any more than I actually need.  In saying that, a wise friend said if you find something timeless and which you absolutely love, then buy two or three or four….I wish I had done that with a pair of gloves I bought years ago.  They were cheap but the warmest gloves ever and after holding on to them for five years, I recently lost one which brought a tear to my eye.  So on that note, let’s talk keeping your mittens warm this winter.



I bought these lovely faux suede gloves from Tesco and wore them for the first time on Bonfire night.  They are thinsulated (don’t think that’s a word but I know it signals oodles of warmth).  At only £12, I am hoping these will last me for another five years but maybe I should take my own advice as above….

Buy Now

Tesco gloves supermarket mum
Tesco gloves


Now I lust after that very well know brand of fleezy suede slippers which cost more than a week’s shopping for a family of four so until I can justify plus £70 to keep my tootsies warm, these £4.99 slippers from Homebargains will do the trick.  They are also machine washable.

Homebargains slippers supermarketmum
Homebargains Slippers


I know not everyone is a fan of Panettone or Pandoro  but I love it with some fruit and cream.  The packaging is also really pretty this year.  The Panettone is £2.25 and the Pandoro is £3.29.  In store now.

Panetonne Pandora Aldi
Aldi Panetonne and Aldi Pandoro


I sometimes amaze myself about what I get excited about and hope I’m not boring you.  I picked up this pack of 12 morning rolls from Aldi this week and served them with soup to the boys.  They didn’t touch the sides and I was just a tad annoyed (read raging), when I reached to get one myself and they were gone (if you have teenagers, you will sympathise).  Delicious warm with butter.  £0.99 pence for 12 rolls.

Morning rolls Aldi
Aldi morning rolls

Say Cheese

Say CHEESE – Yes PleaseAldi cheeseAll from Aldi UK. Cheddar, Brie and Roquefort from £1.99 each, Aldi UK fruit and nut mix 56p and drizzle with some basic essentials honey (89p) from Aldi. Mouth wateringly wonderful. Wash it all down with prosecco, red wine, white wine or whatever takes your fancy! Board is my own. #Aldi