Wowsers Wallis!

I am strictly a jeans and top kind of girl (ok woman now that I am on the wrong side of 50) and having by-passed Wallis for years, I found myself strangely drawn to having a look when I was in the shops recently (in my mind, I am still 27 but that mirror in my bedroom is telling me a different story).  Now I have got to the point where I want glam but with some room for manoeuvre (adios dresses I can’t breathe in and hello ones which allow me to eat all the Christmas pudding without bursting the zip).  Here’s my finds this week for some Wallis Christmas Wonder to wear with my magic pants and magic (thick opaque) tights – whoever invented these should get a Queen’s honor…

dresses Wallis
Wallis Double Flute Sleeve Shift Dress Green

£36 Buy Now

Wallis dresses
Wallis black crochet insert sleeve shift dress

£40 Buy Now

navy dresses
Wallis navy eyelet detail flare sleeve shift dress

£38 Buy Now

sequin jackets
Wallis black sequin blazer

£90 Buy Now

black ladies tops
Wallis black lace up top

£33 Buy Now